About Me

Early November 2014, Medellin, Colombia.
“This morning, my host goes to work, so I decide to walk in town. After only a few days in South America, here I am, a bit lost in the small streets of the center of Medellin. A wooded frontage catches my attention. I approach, I observe, I look at every detail of the facade of this cafe. I step in, I sit down and order a coffee. I feel like I’m in a movie scene, different characters at each table around me, an incredible frame, an engrossing smell. I discuss, with my few words of Spanish, with my neighbour from the table next door. I distinguish a passionate discussion in the background, I quietly take my camera…”
The photo is taken, the moment is immortalised but the story is infinite.

To live this moment

A photography is static but it always tells a story. We say that it’s a job to pose, and for me, the most beautiful expressions are those captured on the spot, natural. This is why in my reportages, I always keep in mind this thirst for sincerity.

My name is Nicolas Roux and I am passionate about image.

Regarding my school curriculum, after my bachelor’s degree, I naturally went into the Communication until I obtained a Master’s Degree in Media Engineering. This global vision of communication allowed me to better understand the power of the image. Indeed, my primary interest has always been in this particular field, I naturally became Production Manager and Director. But the thirst for discovering the world catch me and here I am, in front of the biggest rock of the world in Australia, in a jazz club in Brooklyn, drinking a coffee in Colombia, riding a motorbike in Indonesia or going down a river with a canoe in New Zealand.

Independent Photographer and Videographer for a few years now, my career has been atypical and that’s what makes all the riches of my personality today. When I put my camera ON, whether for a shoot, a reportage or some street photography, to capture this moment with a poetry beyond the simple body language of the photo, this is my first motivation.


– When everything is forgotten, image remains –

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