About Me

Hello my name is Nicolas Roux

I come from Ardèche, a beautiful place in the South of France.
After a Master’s Degree in Media, I’m an Audiovisual Production Manager and Director (production of TV shows, advertisings, …).

Since a while, i’m trying to travel a lot. It’s getting me a better person !
After a year in Australia and then a few weeks in Indonesia and Hong Kong, I’ve been 3 months in New York, the beginning of my real photographic experience.
Europe, Caribbean, South America, New Zealand, I’ll have no limit !

I am looking, through my photos, to live a moment. A photo is static but should always tell a story.

When i’m travelling, i love to get to know the locals, and their customs, and I’m always up for a challenge. I thrive in a culture where others share my deep appreciation for land, and believe life is best lived outdoors.

Travel open your mind and allows you to see the life differently ! Keep your Mind on the Move.

My camera is simply an extension of my view of the world. Be part of this world !

My name is Nicolas Roux. I’m a Photographer and Director.


– When everything is forgotten, image remains –